Corporate American, or Corporate Rebellion?

Office Title: Secretary(Scan Slave)
Duties: Scan, Scan, answer an occasional call
Why I work here: Funding my aspiring writing career


Working as a part time secretary is basically babysitting the phone system. Now, it is not to say that some secretaries aren’t exceptionally smart and capable of handling more than the phones and the precious scanner BUT I am not one of the chosen, nor do I choose to be. The phones are always fun because you can judge the tone of the call by the persons voice. “I demand to speak to…!”, “It’s an emergency..” “Would you mind connecting me to…”. So based on their tone, I set mine accordingly. It’s like being in a weird Godot like play with a million characters and one outcome. I feel like I have the keys to the city, the choice is mine! To put the call through or not, that is the question. Clearly, I sound like I have lost it, but I merely am making the mundane, less mundane. Now the scanner, oh boy. The scanner may be the bane of my existence. The machine plays with your mind, I stick in the documents and the machine starts to spit them out the right way, once I turn around it jams. I am aware that you may be sitting there thinking “Oh well obviously she didn’t get all the staples out or take off the post its. Silly girl!” But alas, I have indeed done it all. The machine just likes to induce psychosis. No problem.