The Biggest Lie of All.

I heard once, that it is easier to write an honest response than to say one aloud. I agree with this statement. I can write about all my future plans till my fingers bleed, but I will sit at the table and lie my agreement till I am blue in the face. I have really been using this writing platform to come clean about my lies and indiscretions but now I need to get my ass in motion and figure out what the fuck I am doing. Here are some truths:

I still smoke cigarettes

I am doing mediocre in school

I am filling out applications to schools I will never go to

I am ready to drop out of college and live under a rock

I might run away with a friend

My mom thinks I am a good daughter

Also, for as smart as I may be, I have a 48.5 in math…

I honestly have absolutely no idea what I am doing at the moment. It is exhilarating and absolutely terrifying.

If someone out there wants to adopt a moody wannabe writer- I am ready to make some moves.



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