Belonging is a funny thing. It is more a feeling than an activity. When you belong with someone, or someone’s this automatic sense of security and giddiness just washes over your body. Well, at least for me anyway.

My whole life has been one big bandwagon. I’m with this group, no wait I’m with this group! I’m a drifter, I never attach myself and I don’t really belong anywhere particular. This all has changed recently in a big way. I have found myself linked to a motorcycle club that has become a family to me. Now, I haven’t known them more than two months, and I don’t know all of them. Regardless, they are ride or die, if I am one of them then that’s it. The cool thing is, I am not a biker and I don’t want to be, but I still belong. Albeit I belong by default because of my boyfriend but nonetheless I am in there.

Call me naive, and call me young (because I am.) but these guys are family and I love being part of the club. Tons of bad shit about bikers is constantly spewed but at the end of the day, those guys are brothers and that is definitely something I can get behind.

So here I am, no longer a drifter.


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